The Studio - Studio Kompa
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The Studio

Studio Kompa

Our challenge : use the wealth of Studio Kompa partners’ diverse expertise to find targeted solutions with a wide, multi dimensional approach.

Interior architects Jean-Pierre Aldebert and Jean-Philippe Passot created Studio Kompa 30 years ago. The idea began when they joined the Wilmotte agency after graduating from the Parisian design schools Boulle and Camondo, respectively. By welcoming Caroline Layrac, a government-accredited architect, Studio Kompa is naturally opening itself up to architecture. Its partners’ complementary backgrounds overlap and mesh into one another ; the end result is a high performing mix of know- how and sensitivity.

What makes Studio Kompa unique is its total commitment to clients. They are included in the process every step of the way.

From the very beginning, Studio Kompa’s projects have centered on creating contemporary renovations in older, often historically registered sites. Now, it is diversifying rapidly. This transformation is part of the agency’s desire to widen its scope and meet the varied needs of its clients.

As a multitalented agency, Studio Kompa is now able to devote its many capabilites to projects for retail, business, and private clients.

Studio Kompa has also had much success designing for luxury brands, has redesigned office buildings and famous hotels. Its know-how has been exported to China, South Africa, Russia...