Villa - Gordes - Studio Kompa
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Villa – Gordes

Project owner:


Architects :

STUDIO KOMPA/B.Duchet/V.Delmas



The program: Summer house (dining room, two guest studios), a swimming pool, technical room and garden design (terraces, plantations). This complex is located on the slopes of the Vaucluse mountains, below the village of Gordes. Carried out in a classified site, we have chosen to deal with existing constructions, while seeking to abolish the notion of parcel to integrate the project into a larger territory, to support the developments on the strong lines of this landscape. The terraces, the pool lean against the restanques, the buildings have a theme: the wall. This site has a major asset, its view, which has strongly influenced the layout of the elements, particularly the swimming pool. Thus, the beach is intended to be minimalist so that nothing disturbs the panorama. The facades of the rooms are closed by wooden panels to modulate privacy and view.