_Architecture : STUDIO KOMPA/B.Duchet/V.Delmas

The plans are to create a summer house (dining room and two guest rooms)with a pool, a utility closet and a garden (terraces and flower beds). This property sits at the foot of the Vaucluse hills near the village of Gordes. It is a historic site, so we chose to work with existing buildings. At the same time, we wanted to get rid of the feel of separate plots by extending the project into a wider area and accentuated the lines of the landscape. The terraces and pool flank the dry stone terraces and the buildings are all designed to showcase the beauty of stone walls. the great advantage of this site is the view, which inspired the plants and shrubbery and more particularly, the pool. Thus the deck is minimalist in design so as not to detract from the view. The walls of the rooms are covered with wooden panels so as to provide privacy and a view.